Art & Culture Studies

Electronic Peer-Reviewed Journal
ISSN: 2226-0072

About the Journal

14 April 2011 the Academic Council of the State Institute for Art Studies made the decision to set up an academic reviewed electronic periodical journal Art & Culture Studies. It is published by the State Institute for Art Studies (SIAS) and financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

The journal publishes works on the history and theory of art, social functioning of art & culture, interdisciplinary research in the philosophy of culture, aesthetics, culturology, sociology, psychology and the economics of culture. Priority is given to works whose authors offer new approaches to examining art & culture and new art practices. The journal publishes parts of monographs which are being prepared for publication, papers presented at conferences, archival publications and re-publications of materials which have become a bibliographic rarity, reviews of new books on art & culture, presentations of new publications and announcements of coming events which are particularly important for the professional community. The editors also intend to gradually increase publication of materials in European languages.

The periodical is published four times a year.

The logotype of the journal is the sacred bird ibis which is the symbol of Thoth, god of wisdom and learning in Ancient Egypt.

The main rubrics of the journal correspond to the Nomenclature of scientific specialties for which academic degrees are awarded:
17.00.05 Choreography
17.00.04 Fine Art, Decorative and Applied Art and Architecture
17.00.03 Cinema, Television
17.00.02 Musicology
17.00.01 Theater Studies
17.00.09 Theory and History of Art
24.00.01 Theory and History of Culture
09.00.04 Aesthetics
09.00.13 Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture
09.00.14 Philosophy of Religion and Religion Studies

The journal is divided into seven main sections:
1. Theory of art & culture
2. Art & culture: history and the present
3. Sociology and economics of art & culture
4. The languages of art & culture
5. Applied culturology
6. New publications
7. Chronicle of academic life

The certificate of registration 77-46477 of 07.09.2011, issued by Federal service on supervision in the sphere of communication, information tekhnologiy of mass communications.

ISSN 2226-0072

The journal is registered in the Russian Science Citation Index (eLIBRARY. RU)