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The post-graduate studies have existed in the Institute since 1945. There are two main options: full-time (three years, supposing a research grant) and by correspondence (four years). The applicants have to pass competitive entrance examinations in their special subject, philosophy, and foreign language.

The studies are carried out in following specialities:

50.06.01 ó Art studies
17.00.01 ó Theatre studies;
17.00.02 ó Musicology;
17.00.04 ó Studies in fine arts, decorative and applied arts, and architecture;

47.06.01 ó Philosophy, ethics and religious studies
09.00.04 ó Aesthetics;

51.06.01 ó Cultural science
24.00.01 ó Theory and history of culture.

Foreign citizens, including those of the states of CIS, are admitted on the basis of direct agreements concluded between SIAS and the citizens themselves or the legal persons and supposing a payment for professional training.

Another form of post-graduate training is the so-called candidacy (soiskatelístvo): specialists from other institutions, seeking for an academic degree, can work on their dissertations in permanent contact with the Instituteís departments without officially taking a post-graduate course.

Licence to carry out post-graduate training:
AAA No. 002283, registration No. 2181, issued by the Federal Education and Science Inspectorate on 21 November 2011.

Head of the Department of Post-Graduate Studies
Natalia Dmitrievna Mostitskaya, PhD.

phone +7 (495) 609-0018
reception hours:
Tuesday 2Ė5 pm; Thursday 11 am Ė 2 pm.
E-mail: aspiranture@yandex.ru